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[misplaced imagination]

..shoop shoop shoop delang delang..

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yep, this is my icon journal, a.k.a. the place where i'll be posting the fruits of my boredom. hi! welcome. make yourself at home and please help yourself to some cookies.

what linda does//
icons yay! of basically everything and anything, but mostly it tends to be band icons, movies and tv shows, stock images. which i guess counts as "everything and anything", no? yes. etc. there'll also be the odd mood theme thrown in here and there, just to mix things up a bit.

rules and stuff//
- please comment if you take
- credit to truntles or what_linda_did in icon keywords
- don't hotlink, don't alter and don't claim as your own
- i'll take requests of coursies, just leave a comment
- hee yay!

- iconage
- moodthemes

add me//
because i am of the lazy kind, i couldn't be bothered to make an actual icon journal and thereby log in and out and stuff, but made a community instead. so. no one can actually join it, but should you want to you can still watch it by adding it to your friendslist. please do, it would give me the yays. :)

resources and credit//
cap_it, joyfulsong, ohfreckle, jennijube, scarsonchest,
dearest, liarsdance, roostersgrrl, 77words, blossombunny,
callmefreak, risha666, boutondor, on_thin_air, kiaharii,
_icongrapher, rem_chan, oceancurrents, ashke_icons, iconisms,
sheld0n, prettywitchstar, jeweledicecream lostluckicons, princesae,
scarlett_h, neke, oh_pants, meleada, ewanism,
amethystia, strawberries007, asya_17, maidensblush,
discordandnight, noctuidae, kalijean, radon_,
lemonrocket, damnicons, deadbetty, cyberelf, arisubox,
creamuts, missymw88icons, luthien_black, _hakanaidreams,
deadbetty, pinkpearl885, jubilli, jougen_no_tsuki,
justfreefallin, fullmind_79, fightstarr, tragic_icons,
tryda, _euroticket, my_wonderful, miggy

- if you see a brush/texture/gradient/anything on one of my icons/graphics that isn't being credited for then please leave a comment and i'll add the credit.